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Software Development

We bet your project could benefit from 27 years of experience in creating powerful, easy-to-use applications. Learn more...
Our current focus is on Java, JavaScript, Oracle, PostgreSQL. We can also provide support for programs written in C or C#.

Thanks to the internet and especially, we can support many other languages (Perl, Ruby, Python, ...) as well, when all you desperately need is a small change.

Web Design

Simple and clean design, lighting-fast loading performance, mobile-first if desired. That‘s how we do it. Just like this website. Learn more...
Ok, we admit it: There are many highly talented webdesigners out there, so why would you consider us?

Simple reason: You want the reliabilty of people who are used to build mission-critical systems. You want the JavaScript code on your site to be written by professional software developers who know what they do.

(Or maybe you're a friend or relative and hope for a good price ;-)


Everything has pros and cons, i.e. professionals and consultants. Fortunately, we are both. Learn more...
In the last decades, the technical stack required to build state-of-the-art applications has constantly grown. It is difficult to keep up with all the languages, frameworks, design trends and what not.

Fortunately, there are people like us who are really possesed with learning all that stuff (at least a good part of it) and share it with your team. (Did we already mention Erich's stackoverflow profile?)

IT support

When your computer no longer obeys and behaves strangely, you need someone with great patience and lots of compassion for computers. Like us. Learn more...
Right now, our IT support services are invitation only. That said, big piles of money might make us rethink that policy.

Success stories

More than 20 years, and we are still in business. Maybe we did something right. Wonder what and where?. Learn more...
Soon after we started operating in 1996, we got into the dot-com bubble which overlapped with the Y2K-hype (anyone rembers that?). In that period, we worked on many projects for different clients, including some large companies like IBM. (OK, enough name dropping for now). But anyone with remote knowledge of how to turn on a computer could have landed a gig back there. Some examples what we did in all those years follow:
  • In 1999, in cooperation with our partner company D.E.A.R., we invented a system called Click-n-order that connects links within a PDF document to a web-based ordering system.
    Click'n'Order also included a plugin (kind-of) for Acrobat Reader that intercepts those calls to the browser and opens up a locally installed ordering system instead.
    Without this plugin, a web application providing an alternative way to order those products.
    This novel way to bring catalogues to the web was used by a large wholesale company in Linz to allow their customers (mostly craft businesses) to place and manage their orders online and offline. Since that company already had several comprehensive printed catalogues, creating a PDF version with those hyperlinks embedded was a faster and relatively cheap option to provide that utility to their customers.
    A product management system storing all pictures, descriptions, specifications etc. of those thousands of items in a database, was implemented later, in an elaborate project that took years to complete.
  • As a subcontractor for logistics software company Metasyst, we've created and supported many applications in the warehouse management sector.
    In 2004, we invented the MLWL framework which is still the foundation of Metasyst's core product, Metalag. MLWL allows to move all business logic to PL/SQL-packages stored in an Oracle database, so providing new features of fixing bug is done by installing a new package on the server, most of the time.

    Background story: When MLWL was created, browsers available on mobile devices (running Windows CE or Windows mobile) were not capable enough to run anything remotely resembling a functional, user friendly application, so a web application (the obvious go-to solution nowadays) was not an option.
    Implementing the mobile application in .net compact framework would have been a possible way to go, but that would have caused many headaches when it comes to installing updates on dozens of clients.
    Another reason not to that was the lack of available C# programmers in the company. MLWL solves that dilemma by connecting a client software written in C# (by a third party) to a database over a web service, with the web service providing both layout and behaviour of the application.
    This web service is rather simple, as the main job is done by PL/SQL packages in the database - actually a good thing, since literally every programmer in Metasyst knew PL/SQL.
    That worked so well that the concept was extended to PC client software (using a client written in Java) and telnet terminals (back then, they were still in use in many warehouses).
    In 2015, MLWL eventually got web support, with a new web client written in JavaScript using the DojoX framework.
  • As a subcontractor for another small company that apparently no longer exists, we created several web applications based on Oracle Application Server for two large clients, one a social security institution and the other a large telco.
  • Starting in 2009, we helped a small company to create a new web-based user interface for their core product, which manages the network centrals of many air quality monitoring networks mostly in Austria and Germany, collecting air quality data from remote monitoring stations, aggregating that data to craete all kinds of reports, and many other tasks that have to be done in a monitoring network. Their old user interface looked like it was invented in the early 90s, which was actually accurate since it was based on Motif. The new web-based user interface uses the ExtJS toolkit as its foundation and a lot of attention was given to the look-and-feel in terms of consistency and great usabilty.

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